nedjelja, 21. kolovoza 2016.

Week 13: The End

And so GSoC comes to an end. This last week was still dedicated to new output API design. We had to go through at least one more iteration of the patches. Unfortunately, we missed weston 1.12 feature deadline, and the code won't land anytime soon, at least until weston 1.12 has been released. The latest code can be found in gsoc-v11 branch of my git repository.


But, that isn't all. I spent last night trying to get output layout configuration to work. It appears that even though I refactored the original API a number of times now, it appears that it requires at least one more iteration to make some modifications required for the output positioning to be moved out of libweston.

I was kinda in a hurry, so I squashed everything into one single commit. I'm not going to submit that part for GSoC evaluations, so it lies in a side branch, gsoc-v11-output-layout.


The functionality is not that advanced. One can specify a output in weston.ini that the current output should be placed to relatively, either right of that output, or left of that output. This can be done for as many outputs as there can be. However, if a certain output appears twice in the configuration as a relative output, only the first output will be positioned next to the relative output, while every other output will be placed top right. Same goes for all outputs that have no configuration specified, which is also the current behavior.

The code was tested with X11 backend and 6 different outputs and different placements, as well as with DRM backend and Internal Laptop Panel/HDMI TV.

The GSoC is comming to an end, so I won't finish this just yet. I have two exams pending next week, so I'll take a break. But as soon as that's done, I'll get back to getting the previous series ready for merging as soon as I get the time, provided Pekka reviews series that are currently on the list. I expect at least one more revision, even without the fixes required to properly support configuring layout outside of libweston.

So that's all for now. Following up is a recap of what I've done this summer.

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