nedjelja, 14. kolovoza 2016.

Week 12: Even more outputs

Nothing special this week either. The new output configuration API is still under review. So far, I jumped 2-3 new revisions since last week.

However, the week wasn't so boring after all. Even though I had to rewrite parts of the series several times throughout the week, that wasn't all!

Some patches that were implemented before Pekka went for vacation were left floating around and he has finally reviewed them all. Some patches required a rewrite or two, but they're all merged now!

Those patches included fixes for the fullscreen shell to work properly with zero outputs and no output resource, fix for a crash in weston animation code when no output is assigned to a view, making EGL_NO_SURFACE/PBufferSurface current in gl-renderer when all outputs are gone and handling weston_view output reassignment when all outputs are gone and new one appears after.

On Thursday, I've finally sent my series to mailing list so wider audience can participate if they want. Today, I've improved everything that was asked during the review of the API and resent v2!

Hopefully, this will mean that I won't need to change the API anymore, which needed to be done once again this time. The backends however didn't receive in-depth review, but I hope they will do so during the next week!

Next week is final GSoC week, and I still have to implement output layout configuration. As promised, basic output layout configuration will be implemented (left of certain output, right of certain output) as a part of GSoC, and we can implement the rest later. As soon as I get the green light that API doesn't need to be changed, I can comence on my work. Hopefully that will be done tomorrow!

As usual, all changes can be found on github, now in gsoc-v10 branch (yay v10!).


Stay tuned for seazon finale next Sunday!

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