petak, 5. kolovoza 2016.

Week 11: Outputs, outputs and more outputs

Usually I tend to be late when it comes to blog posts, but this week even I'm surprised how early I got to write a new post. Main reason behind this is that I've worked during these past 5 days more than any whole week previously. So, I decided I call it a weekend now and wait for next week when Pekka is available, so we can continue working on this.

So, what did I do this week? I continued working on new output configuration API, as mentioned in last week's post. I'm not going to go over details on how it works or what does it do, as that was explained in my previous post.

Both of my mentors were quick to respond to my previous work, and provided valuable feedback on the patches I wrote during the past week. So far, I believe I had to do at least 3 bigger rewrites to get somewhere (and a couple smaller ones). Today, I've finished porting all of the backends that weston supports to the new code. But since Pekka isn't available during the weekends, I won't have much to do until he gives me the green light about the current series (rewriting stuff isn't fun, really). So, until my mentors properly review my current code, I'll take a short vacation.

I hope we can get it ready before end of next week, so I can focus on writing layout configuration API, which is the final task on my GSoC TODO list (well, there's the testing suite too, but so far I have no idea how that would work or how to implement it, so I'll postpone it post GSoC). The current code can be found in gsoc-v8 branch of my git repository.


That'd be all for this week. This blog post is quite short, but nothing new was done that needed special explanations. If it was done past week, it would've been far longer. So long, until next week.

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