nedjelja, 10. srpnja 2016.

Week 7: Review feedback

I haven't spent this week working on anything new, but rather on polishing the existing patches I've written over the past two weeks.

First task that I was working on is reworking how views behave when all outputs were gone. In a post from two weeks ago, I pointed out how I got that to work back then. Now, thanks to Pekka's review, I took a different approach. Instead of forcing all views to assign an output when a first output gets plugged in after all outputs were gone, I simply mark all the views' geometry as dirty, so weston will take care of updating the transformations and assigning an output.

Second task was about reworking my patches for fullscreen shell and zero outputs scenario. Again, thanks to Pekka's feedback, I changed my patches from last week to have more code sharing, preserve the surface only when no output resource was given and implemented destroy callbacks for the preserved surface so it can be removed from preserved surfaces list once the client destroys it.

The final task for this week was working on the testing environment. While I did good amount of work last week, I lost some hours trying to integrate my work from the past week. That didn't go well and Pekka didn't like me using timers, so I threw that code aside.

With hints from Pekka and Quentin "SardemFF7", I completely reworked the testing environment and extended the testing protocol, so a client can itself control whether an output should be hotplugged or unplugged, and receive information on whether that's done. Doing this proved to be a bit harder than I expected, but I did learn how wayland protocols are written and implemented in compositor, so in the end it was totally worth it. However, the testing environment isn't yet ready. I need to fully integrate the tests in the weston-tests-env and disable/rework some tests under zero outputs scenario, so I can get acceptable results.

This went on a bit longer than I expected, but I think I can finally concentrate on second part of my GSoC proposal, which includes output position configuration using weston.ini. Pekka's tasked me with reworking big chunk of weston code, so all backends can share more code and so I can implement my task easier, instead of doing so in all the backends separately. Since Pekka's still on vacation, I'll be working with my other mentor, Quentin "SardemFF7". I really hope I can get the early prototype with at least one backend during the next week. Stay tuned.

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